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next Saturday, Ghandhi's grandson!

Well, my coworker called as I was calling her to tell me she couldn't make it. she said don't drink too much, and I told her we don't drink at these events, it is religious and I'm a good girl.She laughed.

I saw old friends... I used to hang out with them when Elliot was a baby with her babies. She is a vegen. She and her husband just came back from Haifa Israel visiting the World Center Universal House of Justice.... They still have jet lag, and he was telling me he had spititual/mystical experiences there: He felt energy going up his legs from the ground and a presence in the Shrine of the Bab, and he also could smell roses in the place where Baha'u'llah was buried as he walked into the place alone, and he said it got stronger and stronger as he approached where Bab'u'llah was buried. I think this is what he said. They told me how bautiful it is, and they were on a waiting list for five years to go, and that it is in layers of gardens and it goes down to the sea..... and he kept having these feelings of presence and mystical things.... I believe it too! I have had similar things happen to me in Reichenau last year..... the entity of light with many eyes, feeling my third eye open, the crown chaktra open, energies.... visions of light....I was praying a lot there. Prayer attracts spiritual energies, no doubt! this happened right after they left... Haifa was bombed:

I was pleasant and relaxing. My friend, Merle , did not show up. But I showed my paintings to my other friends. I had a hot dog, potato salad, pesto noodles, a vegen potato salad, cherries, peanuts, totilla chips, green tea iced, and it was very pleasant. The Gardens behind the Baha'i Center are very beautiful and tranquil. They announced about next week, and the Jain society and the Hindus are hosting it and bringing only vegetarian food, and an assemblyman is also introducing Mr. Gandhi before he gives his talk! I am psyched! I want to invite every one!!!!! Like Rick and my poetry friends! All those in Rochester reading my post pass it on! I will be there definitely!
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