omnamahshivaya (omnamahshivaya) wrote in bahai_mystic,

help us find Baha'is in Europe?

I am trying to find a way to contact Baha'is in Europe so we can visit them when we are over there. I am going to Vienna, Austria (Wien, Osterrich) August 3 to August 27 with my 17 year old son who is no religion at the moment. I want to make an impact on him on how universal the Faith is and impress him when we are there.... a positive experience for him. We do an art seminar in Reichenau, Austria for the three weeks. We study with Philip Rubinov-Jacobson, Michael Fuchs, and we are visited by hopefully Ernst Fuchs, his father, and De Es Schwertberger, all of the School of Fantastic Realism Ernst Fuchs founded. It is similar to surrealism, but more mystical and spiritual and visionary. We want to go see museums as much as possible too. Baha'is who are artists are especially interesting to us. Please send any contact info to us. Our resources are very limited. Any one on LJ in Germany, Austria, or France please contact us. Our plane does a layover in Paris, but we have to go immediately to the next flight. I am thinking of getting a Europass, but even that is expensive. I have a goal of seeing the Louve, and it would be cool to see Berlin and Munich and Salzburg. An LJ friend from Barvaria who is not a Baha'i wants to meet us in Salzburg...... we might do this. I want to meet Baha'is in Europe to get a European perspective on things from Baha'is. I have been involved in the Faith since 1984 when I was 14 at the Rosenfeld's home here in Rochester NY. Thank you for any contacts. Any help in getting around cheaply is appreciated too. I do not want to miss the seminar that much, so , if any one wants to visit Reichenau at the hotel Marionhof to see us artists, please do! My free time is mostly weekends and evenings..... The hotel has a computer in the lobby that can be accessed. I will post my cell too or send it email to any one who wants it for contacting us. I am a native of Rochester, NY, did my BFA (fine art printmaking) at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, and my MFA (computer animation) at Rochester Institute of Technology. I work in the public school system as a teacher's aide. My son is going to be a senior next year.
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