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Baha'i Mystic

Mysticism and the Baha'i teachings

Mysticism and the Baha'i Faith
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to discuss the role of mysticism in the Baha'i teachings.


1. All posts must be related to the subject.

Subject: the role of mysticism within the Baha'i teachings.

2. Respect all of the people who post.

Differences in perspective are appreciated and encouraged, but must always be expressed in a respectful manner. Never say anything negative about another person while posting here.

Whether you are a Baha'i or not...

Please feel free to participate. Your opinions and insights will be appreciated. If you have any questions about subject matter being discussed, you can write them in a post or comment, or you can email me: johnsampson95@yahoo.com.

If you want more general information on the Baha'i Faith, please see the links below. There is also the ljbahai community here on livejournal if you are interested.

For more info on the Baha'i Faith:

Official Site of the Baha'i Faith

Baha'is of the United States

Ocean - World Religion Research Library - a downloadable search engine with writings from world religions.

True Seeker - an online search engine for Baha'i Writings.

Disclaimer: We are not an "official" site of the Baha'i Faith. See The Baha'i Site for official information. The opinions on this site are those of the individual members and are not reflective of the Baha'i Faith (unless they are the Holy Writings and marked as such). The Baha'i Faith encourages the independent investigation of truth.